You've been traveling for what feels like eons.

In reality, its been 42 months since the world went to shit.

Traveling from the west, you reach the coast to realize your last hope is a small patch of land known as Deer Isle.
So here you are. Last can of food. Only the one water bottle left. One final clip.

As the battery dies in your radio you hear a faint transmission. It's cutting in and out...
You have the skill set, you wouldn't have made it this far if you hadn't. The question now is how will you spend your remaining days?


We are a custom PvEvP role play Dayz server

Our community builds our rules, works together to improve gameplay, and it is awesome.

Looking for a new flavor of DayZ? Well, you've found the right place!
While we are an RP server at heart, our goal is to create our own little slice of the apocalypse.
Check out our wiki for more details on how you can be part of this little experiment and carve our your own little sancturary that never knows a dull moment:


Don't get us wrong, this is still the apocalypse.

The entire map is full PvP, but there is NO KOS! That's right. One thing that sets us apart is bandits, traders, hermets, they are all welcome game play styles (as long as you're down with RP).

With daily scavenger hunts, multiple ways to find top tier loot including air drops, a roaming toxic zone and hidden stashs & treasure, there is never a dull mooment.
Stop by the Discord and see if the community would be a good fit for you and your squad:


Check out the toxic, KOS zone Area 42

Anything goes in Area 42. Infected bears and wolves, turbo zombies, a floating toxic gas cloud and a great chance you will get shot in the face.

The only PvP zone where kill-on-site is allowed, Area 42 is completely packed with trouble and stashed toxic loot creates with monthly update top tier weapons and gear.


Looking for more murder?

Check out our dedicated PvP server 42 Months After : Death Isle!

Using the brand new map, Swans Island, from Deer Isle creator John McLane, this server is all about rage.
100% PvP, KOS is the name of the game.

With nothing but top tier weapons (TWP) and gear (MVS) you can tool up quick and keep track of your mayhem with the leaderboard. Want trophies? Collect the dogtags of those who have crossed your sights.


What makes our server different?

Outside of having the best community this side of Cherno, try these:

Custom Map

100% original map updates created by the community to fit their RP story

Dedicated Server

We host our server 100% ourselves, on our own hardware with a dedicated fiber line

Special RP Events

Server wide events with prizes, loot and cash every week (assuming someone survives)

Air Drops + Toxic Zone

Both with top tier loot that is updated monthly and completely random

Trader + Safe Zone

Find Bunker's spot to buy, sell and trade your scavenged goods or look to meet other survivors

Tactical Training Course

Every month the arena gets updated with a new course layout to fine tune your combat skills

Meet some of those who are surviving with us

Check out their RP bios, join us, creator your own and join in the fun!